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Candace Pierson's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Candace Pierson

I initially started the THRIVE Experience to lose weight after welcoming my baby girl. The journey has been transformative, enabling me to overcome challenges that can sometimes accompany being postpartum and embrace the role of being the mom I always dreamed of. Aside from the three steps I take Form, Sculpt, & Balance. This contest is important to me because I was feeling defeated last year, and didn't give it my all. This year is an apology to myself because I know these products change lives every single day!

Chelsea E. Lugo's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Chelsea E. Lugo

My name is Chelsea, and I was hesitant to start my THRIVE experience, being wary of the saturated market targeting weight loss, I thought BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT, nothing stuck! I’ve done it all in the past and couldn’t think of anything else that could possibly help me lose weight and keep it off. I have always been active in my life. I train BJJ which is a very active martial art but its very demanding on the body. I would be tired and not want to train two days consistently and always taking extended breaks due to working 60+hrs a week. Mustering the energy to train was defeating. I sold a pack of BJJ privates and was introduced to THRIVE and she encouraged me to try out these supplements and give her feedback on them. I took this picture on my first day of trying THRIVE and I’m super excited to see where this takes me! My motivation comes from several different reasons but mainly being my mother and I have struggled with our weight fluctuating high and low for so many years. We are both THRIVING and holding each other accountable! The both of us want to make a change and make this a permanent solution and do so in a healthy and natural way! My main sources of product intake is my Classic 1-2-3, Sculpt, Move, Balance, Duo Burn, and TAC.

34Under 20K winner
Delanie Dunham's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Delanie Dunham

The THRIVE 3 step ELITE system has truly given me my life back!! I am under 200lbs for the first time in 10 years which makes me emotional while even writing this. My conviction behind these products and this company has never been stronger. This contest already has changed my life and shown me what I am capable of. I’ve spent the last 3 months focusing on myself and my health all while going through a divorce. I wouldn’t be where I am today without these products and I can’t wait to share them with so many others! The level of confidence I have when looking in the mirror now is absolutely priceless. Thank you for this opportunity!

34Under 60K winner
Luke M<span style="text-transform:lowercase;">c</span>Queen's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Luke McQueen

My journey started back in 2019. I had already put on a lot of unwanted weight and then in December I lost my brother. I shut myself out trying to figure out how to grieve my loss. Then season 2 of Ultimate THRIVER launched and it gave me a purpose. I knew my brother wouldn't want to see me held down by his loss but instead take on new challenges and go outside my comfort zone. I lost a lot of weight but I didn't win. Over the next 2 years I had big moves and job changes. So here it is season 5 and I had unfinished business to attend to. This year I was the most disciplined in my diet and workout than I ever have and what got me through it is to remember I am living 2 lives. One of mine and one for the life my brother didn't get to finish. I couldn't of done it without my 3 steps and my favorite Black Label. Followed with Sculpt for recover and muscle growth, Expand to keep me focused through my calorie deficit, Form to help support connective tissue through my intense circut training and lastly Sleep Gummies to get a good night sleep to support recovery. Win or lose I couldn't do anything more to get me back to the best shape I've ever been in!

34Under 30K winner
Matthew Randolph's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Matthew Randolph

Lost, broken, defeated, emotional eater, digestive discomfort, no energy, raging partier, substance use issues, body image shame, and self-hatred are just a few of the words I would use to describe myself and situation at the beginning stage of this journey. At the end of 2023 and at just 25 years young, I knew I had to make fitness and my health a priority. Not only for personal reasons, but because I knew the path I was on wasn’t allowing me to be the man I wanted for my family or friends, and I had to make a change if I wanted to be around for a long time. The THRIVE products that I am using are the THRIVE ELITE experience with Sculpt, Balance, Biotic, and Form. This contest is important to me because I am ready to take back control of my life. I am ready to love myself again and prove that I am capable of hard things. I have never completed a fitness challenge before, but I know with the community and products I will be able to complete this one. Sometimes we don’t put ourselves first until it’s the only choice we have left, and this is exactly why I have to do this Ultimate THRIVER Competition. I am ready to lead by example, face all my challenges head on, and showcase just how powerful a total transformation and mental resilience can be. My faith, family, friends, fitness, and finances deserve better, and I am ready to mend and restore them all with this competition.

Megan Beacon's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Megan Beacon

Everyone struggles with something. For the past seven years, I’ve been on a journey to address my weight and associated challenges. This included tackling emotional eating and navigating unhealthy habits. I tried multiple diets, boot camps, and fasting. I felt defeated until this contest. Twelve weeks ago, I locked myself in my bathroom and took my first picture. After crying for about 20 minutes, I wiped away my tears and began the most rewarding twelve-week journey of my life. Every morning I woke up and took THRIVE ELITE and THRIVE Sculpt. Throughout this journey I learned healthy habits and started counting macros. I took advantage of both gym and home workouts. I enjoyed my newfound me time. Every day was not perfect, but I kept trying and learned how to be kind to myself. This contest has been life changing. Not only do I fit into all my clothes, but I also feel healthier which allows me to be the best mom and wife that I can be.

Nicky Velasquez's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Nicky Velasquez

THRIVING with the 3 steps - Black Label, this contest holds deep significance. My childhood was surrounded by unhealthy influences and poor lifestyle choices. My mission is transform my life, show my kids limitless possibilities, and be a living testament that you can achieve anything with determination. The prize money isn’t just a win; it’s a lifeline for my family, a chance to break free from debt

Stephanie Fakner's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Stephanie Fakner

My name is Stephanie. I am a wife, mom, horse trainer and volunteer fire fighter. As one might assume, I spend my days constantly on the go. However, I was often left burnt out both physically and mentally. In search of support for my energy and mood I came across Le-Vel, and discovered healthy vitamins and minerals that would help achieve sustainable energy and mental focus. I will add the weight loss I achieved was a huge bonus! I started with the Elite 3 step routine. First thing in the morning I took my women's Lifestyle capsules, followed with my strawberry Lifestyle Mix Shake, lastly I applied a DFT to my skin and went on with my day. I was experiencing the benefits within a short time, mental clarity, lasting energy, better sleep, calm general aches and discomforts, muscle growth and stubborn weight coming off! When I saw the posting for the Ultimate THRIVER challenge I knew I needed to join. It was the push I needed to make the lifestyle changes needed to achieve sustainable health and wellness goals. 6 weeks into the competition I added products Rebuild, Heat and Sculpt to my autoship order, formulated to further aid in fat burning and muscle growth. My goal joining the competition was to lose stubborn fat and build muscle. I worked hard to keep my nutrition in check as well as workout 3-5 days per week. I am more than pleased with my results, I have set new records in the gym. I have witnessed the transformation my body has undergone as it shed fat and put on muscle. My family has witnessed the mood and energy support first hand. It truly is a game changer, I can honestly say thanks to Le-Vel's premium nutrition supplements I can finally THRIVE!!!!

34Under 15K winner


Brandi Cocroft's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Brandi Cocroft

After a very stressful 2023, it was evident that I had allowed myself to fall out of my self care routine! This contest is so important to me, because as a single woman, it acts as my accountability partner. It gives me a reason, beyond myself, to work at making myself better, than I was yesterday. The Ultimate THRIVER starts my year off positively & sets the tone for the remaining months. It’s more than a resolution; it’s a lifestyle!! I can always count on UT to help me get back into the swing of things, after the holiday season, just like I can always count on my 3 steps to support my body each day! In addition to the THRIVE classic 3 step system with Black Label & Ultra, I utilized the plus line products Sculpt, Balance, Sleep, HDS, & Move Pro! I love that Le-Vel gives us everything we need to feel our absolute best. Here’s to continued successes in the remainder of 2024!!

Cassondra Koehn's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Cassondra Koehn

I absolutely love THRIVE! It was a life saver for me 8 years ago and continues to keep me feeling my best. I worked hard since the last Ultimate THRIVER to lose 50 lbs over 2023 but now I am encouraged this competition to tone down and lose the extra skin and gain muscle that I lost. I will continue to use the 3 steps but add in Circulate. I also regularly use Biotic and Balance at night. I drink a Pink pro, Activate and Rebuild each day. And I absolutely love Form. I have recently taken on taking care of my 80 year old dad who had a massive stroke and this really opened my eyes to how quickly our bodies can go downhill and in a blink of an eye we lose the capability to better our bodies. This is a driving factor for me to quit making excuses working out and pushing myself to be the best version of myself while I am capable! Winning this contest would be extremely helpful for my family and being able to take care of my dad.

Joseph Williams's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Joseph Williams

Life... I love living it, and not just going through the motions!!! This contest is so perfect because The Ultimate THRIVER is everyone competes because the outcome is such a benefit to each individual! I always need a reset after the Holiday because every normal routine is out the window and there is so much cookies and pie around—well you understand! I been on my THRIVE journey since November 1, 2014! I have always used the 3 steps! I don’t miss a day unless I do our 10-Day Detox which is how I started the Ultimate THRIVER out this year. I use Expand every day! I used Form everyday! I added Cirulate and Activate frequently. The Ultimate THRIVER boils down to no matter what everyone is a winner because it’s our own individual lives that allow us to actually be alive vs an empty walking shell…. My life forever changed on my first day of THRIVE and I’ll never look back.

35Over 15K winner
Melissa Schmidt's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Melissa Schmidt

When I started THRIVING 8/01/22, I was an exhausted, overweight, and miserable wife, mom, and grandma. I was sleeping my weekends away just trying to get enough energy to make it thru the following week. When I made the decision to start THRIVING I also decided if I was going to make a change, I was going to truly make a change. So that had to include getting back into the gym and making changes with my nutrtion. Not a day goes by that I'm not thankful for saying "yes" to THRIVE and starting the new me. I now have the energy and self confidence that I deserve and my family deserves from me. I started with Classic 3 steps and Pink Pro. I changed to Elite when it launched in 1/2023. I also take daily Pink Pro, Heat, and Balance.

Randy Hodge's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Randy Hodge

My name is Randy Hodge and this is my THRIVE Experience. I’m a 64 year old veteran, devoted husband, and father of three wonderful adult children. I have faced health challenges in the past, but I am grateful for the opportunity to live life to its fullest. As a career Marine, I was dedicated to discipline and keenly aware of the benefits derived from a balanced mind, body, and spirit approach to my overall health. While it’s no secret that our bodies naturally change with age, facing health challenges can significantly impact our well-being. I now find myself in the fourth quarter of life with no time-outs remaining. I’ve recently retired from a second career and as I look back on the previous three quarters of my life, I’ve come to realize that my age and circumstance aren’t limiting factors but rather an opportunity to restart a healthier lifestyle. Both my daughters (Kristen and Mandy) are long-time THRIVE Promoters who have encouraged me to join them in the THRIVE Experience. Entering this contest is my way of reviving that dedication to discipline I had in my younger years. In addition to the simple 3-steps with Black Label DFT, I’ve incorporated THRIVE Boost into my basic daily routine. Along with proper diet and exercise, I’m using Circulate pre-workout and both Recover and Form post-workout. I’m convinced these THRIVE products significantly contribute to my newfound energy and my weight management and muscle mass goals. I’m ecstatic with my results thus far and totally motivated to continue this journey. Going forward, I hope to finish out the 4th quarter of my life with vitality … and with a little help from the man upstairs – get in some overtime play!

35Over 30K winner
Shawna Pringle's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Shawna Pringle

When Season 5 of the Ultimate THRIVER was announced, I immediately started to think of all my promoters and customers who could use this money more than me and I counted myself out. So I helped them register, and then the deadline date extended. But something heavy had been weighing on my heart. One of my “bathroom floor” moments nobody knew about. You know when you sit there and just cry in silence. Years ago I sat in my closet with several negative pregnancy tests. The same day I was told that my ex husband was having an affair after years of trying for a baby together. And then, in December 2022 I dealt with a related health challenge that forever negatively impacted my overall quality of life. Reflecting on my own journey, including overcoming personal and health challenges, I realized this contest could help support my dream of starting a family in a non-traditional way. I talked myself out of wanting a baby so many times. Just like I was talking myself out of entering the Ultimate THRIVER competition. But I do deserve this! I AM the Ultimate THRIVER! I have lived and breathed THRIVE the past 5 years. I strive to show others that despite the storms you have to overcome, you can make a decision to create a THRIVING lifestyle. To all those facing challenges, know that you're not alone. I’m going to share my story for you too. I used the THRIVE ELITE 3 Steps, HDS, Sculpt, Thirst, Form, Activate, Circulate, Balance, Biotic and of course MyFresh Meals.

Tara Ludovici's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Tara Ludovici

My name is Tara Ludovici and I am a wife, a mom to 3 boys, and a 41 year old grandma. I am doing this challenge to keep a promise to myself that I would see what happens when I give 100% of my effort with no excuses! It’s easy for me to keep promises to others, but it’s easy to dismiss myself and put everyone else’s needs first. This year I want to show myself the same love and respect. I have been THRIVING for almost 10 years and love the progress I've made, but after an extremely hard year of 2023, I plan to exceed all previous health goals and truly step into the BEST VERSION OF MYSELF! Starting on the Detox, capsules, Balance and Circulate! I’m setting a goal to daily focus on my nutrition, lifting heavier, and getting in some HIIT training! (My favorite) I plan to document my journey and hope to encourage other busy moms/grandmas to make time to do the things that will enable them to become their very best!! It’s not selfish to better yourself… in doing so, you better those around you too! I know that God has given me everything I need to Level up! He has put a Warrior spirit in me to BE THE CHANGE that my family needs. No more excuses. This is the year I step into my calling and it starts with this challenge!

35Over 20K winner
Tommy Forester's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Tommy Forester

I was originally interested in the 8-week THRIVE Experience because I saw a friend doing really well and she was posting her results online. So she invited me to join the program and start the three-step system. Then I learned about the contest and she encouraged me to try even harder to achieve goals that I did not think were possible. I have so much energy in the first part of the day and the Lifestyle Shake in the morning really supports my appetite. My desire to have a constant snack or meal all day allows me to wait until dinner time to eat a healthy meal and have the energy to exercise. The program has helped me get my health and my energy back in my own hands and it gives me great rest at night, and I really enjoy the confidence that I’ve gotten from losing the extra pounds that I seem to not be able to do for the last couple of years. I’ve always been a competitor so the contest has helped push me to reach past goals and achieve more than my wildest dream of weight loss. I’d recommend THRIVE to anyone 100%.

35Over 60K winner

Even though the ULTIMATE THRIVER competition is over, we hope you’ll check out all of the incredible transformations above (and many others on Facebook and Instagram), showing the powerful combination of THRIVE products with focus and determination.

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34 & under prizes
Grand Prize $60,000
2nd Place $30,000
3rd Place $20,000
4th Place $15,000
35 & over prizes
Grand Prize $60,000
2nd Place $30,000
3rd Place $20,000
4th Place $15,000

The statements herein are based on unique and personal experiences and do not necessarily reflect typical results. Meaningful weight loss requires dedication, a healthy diet and exercise, and good nutritional intake.