get free thrive
for every two
friends you refer!*

you plus two friends with autoships equals free thrive for you

How can
for FREE?

When you have 2 personal customer referrals who enroll in the Autoship Program, you are eligible to receive FREE product each and every month as long as they continue their Autoship. You will receive THRIVE Credits equal to the average of your two highest personal Customer Autoship orders.

*Only orders placed by your personally referred Customers are eligible. A maximum of $400 in THRIVE Credits can be earned each calendar month.

How do
THRIVE Credits

THRIVE Credits are a simple & fun way to get FREE THRIVE! Use your THRIVE Credits on orders just like cash. You just pay for Shipping and any balance of your order not covered with Credits.

For example: if you have $150 in Credits and your order is $200… you would pay the remaining $50 plus Shipping.

THRIVE Credits cannot be used to purchase Upgrade / Enrollment Packages.

To start


Login to your Le-Vel account and share your personal referral link in a direct message on social media, a text message, email or even better, through the THRIVE Connect app.